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The Revision Project

The Revision Project (MFA Thesis)

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As an extension of my written thesis Revision: Revising Traditional Exhibition Design (SCAD 2012), I created the reVISION Project, a website and social community that serves as an educational resource for museum professionals who are interested in creating stimulating, engaging, interactive exhibitions. Informing the Future is an idea that formed from my thesis topic, which asks the question, “How can developing technology be used to enhance our learning experiences?” The included images illustrate how I turned my research into a conceptual redesign of an existing local art museum exhibit that utilizes QR codes, a mobile app, and touch screen/virtual reality technology to enhance the learning experience. 

Abstract: "In recent history society has experienced a cultural and cognitive shift in the way we interact. The rapid rise of communications technology has altered the way we process information and it has changed the way we learn. While classrooms have recognized this change, museums have not and as a result museum attendance has begun to suffer. The crux of the predicament appears to be knowledge based. Museums do not know how to refashion themselves as a persuasive entity worth visiting. They lack the resources that will teach them to deliver interactive design exhibits that stimulate and engage an audience. They do not understand the implicit repercussions of not changing. It is critical that museums react to the transformation that has taken place. Otherwise, society will lose this invaluable expression of our heritage."