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Episodes in Design

Episodes in Design

Each week I share a design podcast episode with my students. I put them here so others can follow along.
Have a podcast or a suggestion? Share your favorite episode with me here. I’m looking for great episodes, not just podcasts.


Works in Process: Nick Misani

Description: Being overconfident can do more hard than good— (especially) if you think that everything is going to be easy for you and you deserve everything right off the bat... people get into a lot of trouble and their growth gets stifled a little bit if they're not open to just toiling away in the dark for quite some time...” In this episode, George Garrastegui Jr. interviews Penguin Books, Mucca Design, and Fili Ltd. alum Nick Misani.


Design Matters with Debbie Millman: Su Matthews HalE

Description: Debbie Millman talks to designer and AIGA president Su Mathews Hale about her efforts to bring more attention to female designers. "So it's not about celebrating them as women, but just, more awareness. There are women out there kicking ass, and people just aren't aware of it."